Friends of the Library

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Friends of Spencer Public Library

Friends are a necessary part of life for institutions, as well as people. For this reason, Friends of Spencer Public Library was organized in 1983 to actively support the library's goal of service to the community and to enrich the library's resources. Since 1983, Friends has supported the library in numerous ways including:
  • Volunteering their time to assist with surveys and special events, hosting open houses, public programs, and National Library Week events
  • Purchasing library flags, silk plants, book trucks, computer software, promotional materials, seasonal banners, a video display rack and other items to enhance the library
  • Publicizing and promoting literacy, reading, and library usage whenever possible
A friend is a person, organization, or business who knows that any community is a better place in which to live if that community has a first rate library. We are proud to say that Spencer Public Library is first rate. Out of 525 public libraries in Iowa, Spencer is one of only 129 libraries accredited by the state for excellence in programming and services. As one of 114 public libraries in the Northwest Iowa, Spencer ranks second only to Sioux City in collection, programs and services offered.
Even an excellent library, such as ours, needs help from time to time. The city budget can only stretch so far. Personnel and time constraints threaten programs and services which this community has come to value and expect.
Please lend your hand in keeping both Spencer Public Library and our Friends organization strong and vital. A business membership is only $50 per year and personal memberships are just $10 per year. Benefits of Friends membership include:
  1. Five free interlibrary loans per year
  2. Please make all checks payable to: Friends of Spencer Public Library
  3. Five free discs cleaned per year
  4. Automatically receive the library's newsletter by mail or email to your home
  5. All donations are tax-deductible and all contributions of $25 or more will receive a set of 4 Dewey postcards
  6. Have your name (or someone else's) appear on a bookplate inside the cover of any new book. You pick the type of book--we pick the title
  7. Chance to win a new book in our Friends once-a-month book drawing
  8. Extended check-outs on new books
  9. Invitation to Annual Friends Appreciation Party
  10. 1/2 off black and white printing for one year
    If you would like to donate memorial funds to the library, please include this form so that we can properly record your generosity. Thank You!
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