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Calling all job seekers! Power Up Your Job Search with AI! We're excited to offer a FREE online workshop about AI Techniques for Job Seekers to land your dream job.The workshop will cover 3 key areas to help you maximize the power of AI (ChatGPT) when job searching. You'll learn: How to craft an attention-grabbing resume & cover letter with AI ✍️ Do's and don'ts of using AI for networking Techniques to confidently sell yourself in interviews with AI's help The online AI Techniques for Job Seekers Workshop will take place on Tuesday, May 21 at 2 PM PST/5 PM EST. Attendees must register. Space is limited. Registration link: https://ift.tt/Hl2uhSt Empower your job search with the latest tools! Don't miss out! #jobseeker #jobsearch #workshop #freeworkshop #AI #ChatGPT #resume #coverletter #networking #interview #jobnow #library #publiclibrary P.S. Share this post with your friends and family who are looking for work!