Spencer Library News

Libraries play a crucial role in the education and development of children, offering a variety of programs to spark creativity and stimulate an interest in reading and learning. Through access to technology, media resources, and educational programs, a library card gives students the tools to succeed and provides people of all ages an opportunity to pursue their dreams, explore new passions and interests, and find their voice. Join the festivities and start off the school year in the best possible way by getting your own library card today. With access to technology, innovative programming, and educational resources, we can help you pursue your passions and dreams through our resources and programs. To celebrate, we have special perks for everyone in September! Existing card members can replace their Library card once for free. Free disc cleaning for up to two DVDs, CDs, or video games. Please note: we cannot clean Blu-ray discs, including PlayStation 3, 4, or 5 games. Enter to win a prize every time you use your library card!