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Summer Skills Camp The summer season is here and with it the always anticipated Summer Reading Programs in libraries across the state. As you get into the swing of summer, remember that Brainfuse has a fun resource to compliment in-person programs by engaging kids with online learning. It’s Brainfuse Summer Skills Camp and it’s available to all Iowa libraries. “Don’t let what you learned in school fade away this summer! Like any other skill, academic skills require practice to stay sharp. Keep your brain engaged and prevent the summer slide by visiting the Online Summer Skills Camp.” Diane Bizzle with Brainfuse writes “The Summer Skills Camp topics are more or less the same as the ones covered during the rest of the year, just with less detailed lessons, more visual displays, and shorter worksheets. There are more activities and fun suggestions to encourage learning in the summer months and reduce the summer slide.” Here are a few examples of Summer Skills Camp activities Elementary Science: use baking soda to create a fizzy lemonaide, use lemon juice to create invisible ink, inflate a balloon with baking soda and vinegar Middle School Match: design future Super Bowl logos using Roman numerals, use hoola hoops and bean bags to explore Venn diagrams Middle School Science: build a solar-powered water purifier, build a solar-powered oven using a pizza box and tin foil HelpNow is a unique tutoring, homework help, and studying suite designed to assist patrons of all ages succeed. HelpNow features include: Foreign Language Center with a powerful vocabulary builder 24/7 Question Center providing explanations of concepts, not answers SkillSurfer Learning Library with unlimited access to self-paced learning through lessons, video tutorials, and practice tests on a wide range of subjects Summer Skills Camp, Flashbulb Flashcards, cloud storage options, and more!