Every Tuesday morning at 10:00 am

Not only is storytime a great FREE form of entertainment for young children and their caregivers, it is also a great way to meet other parents in your  community and for your children to socialize with other kids. Storytime also helps develop their reading and listening skills long before they head off to school.  In storytime, children and caregivers are introduced to new songs, nursery rhymes, and even stories they may not have previously been familiar with. The children get experience in listening to another adult, paying attention, and sitting quietly. Maybe these little miracles won’t happen on your first visit, but keep coming and you’ll be amazed at what they learn!
Library storytime can foster a sense that the library is a special place, helping instill in your child a lifelong love for your local public library! Storytime is not just a fun library activity, but the beginning of what can be a beautiful         relationship for your child, books, reading, and your local public library.