A Plethora of Exciting Adult Programs To Welcome Autumn!

Remember to sign-up to read Follow the Rabbit Proof Fence written by Doris Pilkington Garimara.  We will be reading the book in September and watching the movie, Rabbit Proof Fence starring Kenneth Branagh, in October.  Follow the Rabbit Proof Fence is a true story of three aboriginal girls who are forcibly taken away from their parents to be trained as British servants as part of the official Australian Government’s policies of the 1930s. The children travel thousands of miles and risk their lives to get back home.
            Are you receiving credit cards that you have not applied for? Do you receive phone calls from creditors? Have you been denied credit or quoted unfavorable terms? Do you have more pop-up ads on-line? Identity theft is growing! Join Iowa State University Extension Family Finance Specialist, Jan Monahan, as she talks about Identity Theft. This session will include information on how to get a FREE credit report and how to fix a credit report that is wrong, what you should and should not be carrying in your wallet, how to detect suspicious activity, and how to defend yourself against identity theft. Take some time to protect yourself by attending this free class. This free program is sponsored by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach- Clay County Office.
The library will be showing the movie Red Dog starring Josh Lucas. Based on a true story Red Dog is an Australian comedy-drama family film. The movie follows the legendary Red Dog, a Kelpie/Cattle dog from the 1970’s who united a disparate local community while roaming the Australian outback in search of his long lost master. This movie is a tear jerker that is well worth the tears.

Join us for the presentation, Tent Repertoire, Circle Stock, Airdomes and Opera Houses: Gone but not Forgotten, by Richard Poole. This illustrated lecture details the incredible amount of theatre available to rural and small-town Midwest Americans between 1870 and 1940. By 1927, approximately 76 million people were entertained by approximately 400 traveling tent rep troupes. Compared to Urban theatre, rural theatre culture, featuring tent theatre, opera houses, airdomes and circle stock, has been marginalized or excluded altogether. This fascinating lecture fills that void and is not just for theatre buffs or even scholars but for all those interested in American culture, especially rural theatre culture.
            After going to Richard Poole’s program on historical tent repertoire join us for our second year of Pushing the Limits programming starting with the book, Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. After 99% of the world’s population is killed by a terrible flu epidemic, Station Eleven focuses on a traveling theatre troupe who treks through what’s left of the Great Lakes Region of the United States, putting on performances in this post-apocalyptic world, “Because survival is insufficient”. We will be pulling the science from this hauntingly beautiful novel and focus on themes such as traditions and epidemics.  Dinner will be provided. Sign-up to reserve your spot.