Looking Ahead

Spencer Public Library’s Poetry Contest is in full swing. So, be sure to put the finishing touches on your most prized poem, fill out an entry form, and turn it in to the library.

Our Book to Movie Club will read the classic novella, Daisy Miller by American novelist, Henry James. Originally published in 1878, Daisy Miller is a look at a young woman traveling abroad who exhibits all of the things then associated with an American: youth, vigor, enthusiasm, idealism, and flash. In this comparison of the New World (America) to the Old World (Europe) we see Ms. Miller through the eyes and gossip of everyone else, but do we ever know the real Daisy Miller? We will watch the movie, Daisy Miller, starring Cybill Shepherd in April.
For DIY club we will be making Confetti Glass. This is an easy and a fun craft that will bring color to any spring table.
If retirement is 35 to 25 years away; why should you be concerned? Often we allow time to give us a reason to ignore our retirement accounts. Economic challenges or changes in employment or family circumstances can mean that a retirement plan needs a tune up. The workshop, You had a plan, but..., will exam strategies to improve management of current accounts and help determine how to achieve maximum growth. You will evaluate how much you will need to retire and determine what steps will improve your retirement outlook. If you haven’t started a plan at all, the class will give you the tools to determine what is feasible with your current economic circumstances. You had a plan, but… is part of the Retirement: Secure Your Future workshops offered by Spencer Public Library and ISU Extension and Outreach with facilitator Jan Monahan. Additional workshops are available for individuals just starting employment and those closer to retirement. This workshop is sponsored by Clay County Extension.

In March we will show the Academy Award nominated movie Arrival starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker. Arrival is an American Science Fiction film that mixes realism with a sense of wonder. When alien ships touch down all around the globe it takes an American linguist to figure out what they are trying to tell us. As always, free popcorn and soda will be provided.
Get ready for our third installment of Pushing the Limits, a book club meets science cafĂ© type program.  We will be reading Erik Larson’s book Thunderstruck and discussing the scientific connections within the book and within our everyday lives. Dinner will be provided. This program was made possible by a grant from the National Science Foundation.