Monday, August 29, 6:30 PM – Book To Movie at Spencer Public Library – .

We will be watching and then discussing the spy movie The Tailor of Panama starring Pierce Brosnan and Jeffrey Rush.  A fun thriller that you will not want to miss. Sign-up to reserve your spot 580-7290.

Join the Book To Movie club by either reading the book, watching the movie, or both. We will be watching the spy movie “The Tailor of Panama” starring Pierce Brosnan and Geoffrey Rush. This movie is a Casablanca without heroes, a hotbed of drugs, laundered money, and corruption.  Harry Pendel, a not-so-humble tailor, is blackmailed and bribed into becoming an informant for British intelligence, on the theory that his professional contacts as a custom tailor to the rich and powerful ought to provide valuable data. Our next book to movie is “About Schmidt” written in 1997 by Louis Begley. The first book in the Schmidt trilogy, About Schmidt details a proud, traditional, and impeccably organized, Albert Schmidt, a button-down lawyer of the old school.  But now, after years of careful management, his life is slowly unraveling due to the death of his wife, early retirement, and what he feels is a bad marriage choice by his daughter. We will be watching the movie starring Jack Nicholson in October, so sign-up to read the book today.