Notes From The Director's Chair

The summer has flown by us!  I can’t believe it’s already August. Summer seems to be slipping through our fingers.  But, we’ve still got to make it through a month that’s often the hottest one.  
August is National Golf Month, so grab some books or DVDs and improve that swing before you hit the links.  Not a golfer?  The first week in August is Simplify Your Life Week.  We’ve got lots of information on how to declutter, de-stress, and make your life easier.  Catch a movie with us, or stop by one of our great programs provided for you at no cost.  Free is definitely not stressful, right?
August 8 is National Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day.  I certainly wouldn’t mind it if someone would sneak some zukes and cukes onto my porch, or…bring them into the library. How are everyone’s tomatoes doing?  I really enjoy refrigerator pickles on a hot August day.  It’s also getting time to get those veggies canned.  Stop by and check out all the books we have on food preservation.  I really like Sandor Katz’s book, The Art of Fermentation. 
There’s always something new here at SPL so stop in, explore, enjoy and don’t forget to say hi!

I’m currently reading: A Star For Mrs. Blake by April Smith  
Gentlemen bootleggers: the true story of Templeton Rye, Prohibition, and a small town in cahoots  by Bryce T. Bauer
I’m listening to: Daring Ladies of Lowell by Kate Alcott