Just Ask The Staff

In this periodic feature, we will be asking library staff members a different question every month. We hope it will help you know and use your library better. The question this month is: What would you like to see new in the library in 2014?

Robin -- New carpeting on the floors and no carpeting on the walls in the Round Room
Kim -- New light fixtures and a new sink with a sprayer in the staff kitchen
Sharon -- New flooring
Tammi -- New carpeting would be nice! And fresh air.
Kayla -- A library facelift: new carpet, new shelving, new paint, and a computer lab
David -- Would like it if the electric power to the building was not hooked to light switches
Joy -- New book carts
Paula -- New, improved and more uniform signage

Interestingly, this very same quiz was taken among the staff in January of 1987. Their "wish list"? New carpeting and a better air quality system. Neither of those items has been changed in the intervening years, although upgrades have been made to the heating/cooling system.