National Novel Writing Month kicked off on November 1st and continues all month for thirty days and nights of literary abandon! It's a hands-on writing adventure where everyday people all around the world bash out a 50,000 word novel in 30 days--that's just 1,667 words a day! No judges or entry fees. Just a whole lot of fun.

Spencer Public Library is here to support you in your writing endeavors. We can help with last minute research, inspire new plot ideas, and even provide a quiet space to work. More details on what National Writing Month (Nanowrimo) is and how you can write a novel this November can be found by calling the library at 580-7290 or by visiting the official website at .

Young Writer's Program

National Novel Writing Month is a month set aside with the goal of simply writing. Writing what? Well, anything! The idea isto get you writing, non-stop. What you write about is totally up to you!

The Young Writer's Program is a version of National Novel Writing Month geared at the  young writers. Whether you're in elementary, middle, high school, or home-schooled,you can write during National Novel Writing Month, too! While Nanowrimo has a word goal of 50,000 words, the Young Writer's Program allows children and teen to set their own word goals.

During November, the Spencer Public Library isopening our doors to allow any and all area children and teens to join us to write. Students are invited to come to weekly sessions based around the lessons in their workbooks, which are scaled to students' grade levels. Interested students may pick up these workbooks throughout the month.
Session One: Saturday, November 2nd                      Session Two: Thursday, November 8th
K--2nd Grade     1:00 pm                                             K--2nd Grade     6:00 pm
3rd--5th Grade    1:30 pm                                             3rd--5th Grade    6:30 pm
6th--8th Grade     2:00 pm                                            6th--8th Grade     7:00 pm
9th--12th Grade   2:30 pm                                            9th--12th Grade   7:30 pm

Session Three: Saturday, November 14th                   Session Four: Thursday, November 21st
K--2nd Grade      6:00 pm                                            K--2nd Grade     6:00 pm
3rd--5th Grade     6:30 pm                                            3rd-5th Grade     6:30 pm
6th--8th Grade     7:00 pm                                            6th--8th Grade     7:00 pm
9th--12th Grade   7:30 pm                                            9th--12th Grade   7:30 pm

Session Five: Saturday, November 30th
K--5th Grade         1:00 pm
6th--8th Grades      1:30 pm
9th--12th Grades    2:00 pm