Archaeology of Gillett Grove: Site (13CY2), Clay County, Iowa

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Thursday, June 27, 7:00 PM: Lakeside Lab archaeological field schools have investigated the archaeology of the Gillett Grove site (13CY2) since 1995 and have uncovered remarkable evidence that helps us understand the lifeways of the Oneota people who lived there in the last decades before direct contact with Europeans began on a regular basis. The Oneota—direct ancestors of today’s Ioway, Oto, and related tribes—were farmers and hunters who made the Little Sioux River valley and the Iowa Great Lakes area part of their home range in the latter 1500s and throughout the 1600s. Join John Doershuk, State Archaeologist of Iowa, in the Spencer Public Library Round room where he will discuss the history of research at 13CY2 along with the finds made by the Lakeside Lab archaeology students.