Best-Sellers Club


Spencer Public Library's "Bestsellers Club" has been replaced by a new
program called Reserve Express. Reserve Express will automatically place you on the
reserve list for new books by selected authors.

Simply click on "Search the Library Catalog" on our homepage. On the right side of the
library catalog screen, you can log into your personal library account using your library
card number. Once you are logged in, use the "My Account" button. This will bring up a
screen with your specific account information. At the top of the screen there will be a button
that says "Reserves". In the middle of the screen, you will see: "Have some favorite authors?
Arrange to receive new books by selected authors automatically". If you click on the words
"receive new books", you will be taken to a list of authors that you may choose from.
Authors you select will show up in bold on your list. Click on an author to select or de-select.
Changes are effective immediately.

Reserve Express will automatically place reserves for you on your favorite author's novels
as they become available. You can just sit back and wait for your favorites to be reserved
automatically for you.

NOTE: You can still reserve any book, tape, CD, etc. the normal way, as well: Call us, tell us
when you will visit, or reserve it yourself through our online catalog.We know that you lead
a busy life and do not need anything more to do. Just think, you will never again have to worry
that you have not even heard about the new Patricia Cornwell or John Grisham book that all your
friends are talking about. It will not matter that you forgot to call the library and reserve the latest
Danielle Steel or Mary Higgins Clark novel. It will all be done for you. And, at any time, you can
decide to remove authors from the list if you no longer read their works. If you decide to add other authors from the list to your profile or remove an author you no longer read, just ask for a change form.